Staff were busy on Wednesday 21st July, preparing packs for CoWL’s Big Breakfast. Cath, Carolann and Gill enjoyed a natter as they put together 74 continental breakfast packs. This was of course hard work for our trio as the pastries smelled amazing and there is no denying that they were delighted to find they had a few left over!!

Our fabulous volunteers Nancy, Carol and Frances then popped along to deliver the packs all over West Lothian – and in scorching temperatures too. Thank you, ladies!!

Wilma and Carolann hosted a Big Breakfast zoom session on the morning of Thursday 22nd July, where a lovely mix of our people joined them. They munched on their croissants and pancakes as they worked their way through the Cowl Times – our very own take on a morning newspaper. There was lots of chat, lots of giggles and overall a really lovely morning was had by all!

The Big Breakfast Zoom session
Wilma and Carolann host the Big Breakfast Zoom session