It was lovely to meet up with young carers after a long time of not. Some of the young people, we hadn’t even met before in person, it had all been on Zoom groups or by telephone.  So we spent some time introducing ourselves and chatting before the hard work started. 

We had commissioned planters from The Armadale Shed which were made especially to be accessible by all our service users.  Alas they had absolutely nothing growing in them apart from a weed or six!   So, it was out with the weeds and in with some annuals; lobelia, geranium, petunia and salvia.  The young carers had a lesson in ‘How to take plants out of pots’ and ‘How to plant a plant.’ Some of our young carers were a dab hand at this as gardening is what they help their cared for person with at home. 

Our gardens should look lovely in a month or two.

Afterwards we went for a walk around the park at the bottom of the road.  We are so lucky to have Carers of West Lothian’s office based here, with such easily accessible outdoor areas next to the river.  They have introduced a wildflower meadow, which was lovely to see.  The young carers weren’t so impressed as they were busy chatting away with one another and do you know what?  That was lovely to see too.