Carers Act 2016

The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 is a new piece of legislation developed by the Scottish Government that will come into law on 1st April 2018.  Work is already underway in West Lothian to consider the implementation of the Act which will involve carers over the coming months.  The Act brings into law a number of key provisions public sector agencies must carry out/provide for both adult and young carers including the development of Adult Carer Support Plans and Young Carer Statements.  These will include exploring the personal outcomes of the carer, their identified needs and the support required to meet the needs.

In the lead up to the Act becoming live, Carers of West Lothian will be working to ensure carers in the West Lothian area are aware of the Act, that they understand the new provisions and what they mean to them in their everyday lives, and they are confident in seeking the support they require to continue their caring role, should they wish to continue.

Over the next few months we will provide information in our newsletters, on Facebook and Twitter but we will also be looking for you to tell us what you want to know.  To ensure we are providing the most useful information we need your help.  We would like carers to provide us answers to the questions below either using the survey monkey link or simply call the office and one of our team will talk you through them and register your responses.

  • Have you heard about the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016?
  • Do you know what impact the Act will have on you and your rights?
  • What area of the Act are you most interested in finding out more about? (select all that apply)
    • Adult Carer Support Plans
    • Young Carers Statements
    • Carers Rights
    • Support for Carers
    • Information and advice
    • Short Breaks Statements
    • Carer Involvement
    • Local Carers Strategies
  • Would you like Carers of West Lothian to send you updates on the Act to help you understand what it means?
  • If you would like updates on the Act, in what format would you prefer to receive the updates? (select all that apply)
    • Carers of West Lothian Newsletter
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Email
    • Focus groups/face-to-face